Orkut Manager

By Brunolm Last update Oct 23, 2009 — Installed 182,169 times.

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5 stars
perfect , Apr 11, 2009
Review written by Steinn - see all my reviews (14)

great script.


3 out of 3 people found this review helpful
5 stars
Correções de erros (Correction of error) , Dec 27, 2008
Review written by diegoscfc - see all my reviews (2)


Dica para acabar com todos os problemas no funcionamento do Orkut Manager.

- Abra o script em algum editor de texto (pode ser o notepad)
- Vai em localizar/substituir
- Substitua todos os "div[6]" por "div[8]"
- Salve

Dica de Caio Fabiano ( - Comunidade Greasemonkey (



Tip to end all problems in the functioning of Orkut Manager.

- Open the script in some kind of text editor (may be the notepad)
- Go in find/replace
- Replace all "div[6]" by "div[8]"
- Save

Tip of Caio Fabiano ( - Community Greasemonkey (


3 stars
Script , Oct 9, 2010
Review written by softyy - see all my reviews (1)

your script is good..
but your Add-on for not good..
your Okrut manager add-on hangs up my firefox and takes too much memory..
please see to it..
so now i am back to greasemonkey script..
atleast it doesnt freezes my firefox..

i just writing this review to let you know that please do something about the addon problem and please update the greasemonkey script too..
so if anyone who does not want to install add-on can install script through GM..


4 stars
that's pretty good , Feb 27, 2010
Review written by Master Ab - see all my reviews (1)

This is a very much good script that helps very much while using Orkut.