Geocaching Decrypt

By Paul Downey Last update Jan 1, 2006 — Installed 5,575 times.

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Can't figure it out , Feb 25, 2010
Review written by Mike Henthorn - see all my reviews (1)

I have read that I should click on the encrypted hint to decrypt it but I have installed this on three different computers and it doesn't work on any of them.


3 stars
How does it work? , Jan 22, 2009
Review written by Nathalie Oldenburg - see all my reviews (1)

I installed Greasemonkey. I installed the script. I see at the monkey icon that the script is enabled.

What do I have to do to make it work? There happens nothing, I am clicking anyway in the hint field, text, or any encrypted stuff. How can one activate this whole stuff?



4 stars
Ok, it works fine , Jul 18, 2009
Review written by polygoon - see all my reviews (3)

Thnx to one of the previous reviews I achieved to encrypt without hitting the server again, just clic on the hint and it decrypts it, very usefull and time saving if you are on low connection speed


4 stars
Useful , Aug 31, 2009
Review written by Jesus Robles - see all my reviews (3)

Quite useful, but had to figure out that to decrypt you hit anywhere in the encrypted text.


5 stars
Nice! , Aug 18, 2009
Review written by Basique - see all my reviews (2)

Very useful! I hate to wait for the server if I want to decrypt a hint. Sometimes just isn't as fast as it should be. This script solves the problem. Thanks!


5 stars
New version for 2010 layout , Jan 24, 2010
Review written by Maruki1 - see all my reviews (1)

New version - Works with the new 2010 layout:

PS: Thanks very much for this script, very useful!


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5 stars
works as advertised , Nov 17, 2008
Review written by Dave Milsom - see all my reviews (1)

works well, although i had to view the source to figure out that you have to click on the hint text, not the decrypt link, to toggle the hint.