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By Jarett Last update Apr 30, 2009 — Installed 17,348 times.

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Improved , May 4, 2009
Review written by sizzlemctwizzle - see all my reviews (25)

Changing the timestamp manually every time you want to update your script is both tedious and pointless. It would be better to use a version number to be clearer. Now you use the uso:version but what if a user doesn't use the script immediately after installing? Then the author releases a new version and then the user uses the script and the latest version is recorded and there is no prompt to update eventhough the user has an older version installed.

Also the script actually parses the source page, not the source directly, which carries a large over-head. It would be better to use .user.js?format=txt or preferably .meta.js


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nice work , Dec 8, 2011
Review written by swiftcase - see all my reviews (5)

Thank you Jarett :)
I coming here after 2 or 3 years delay.
But no one said anything about my script, to be correct, in the part of using your script in my script also :)
I think it isn't bad result.

Have a nice day!


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Nice !!!! , Jul 31, 2010
Review written by guiguilein - see all my reviews (13)

I have add your script to mine and it seems to work very well :



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works perfectly , Jun 20, 2010
Review written by julien eyries - see all my reviews (1)

it works perfectly !
i am using this snippet at
thanks a lot !


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An excellent looking script! , Dec 24, 2009
Review written by Toby Pinder - see all my reviews (1)

I have been looking into this solution myself (and was definitely prepared to code my own solution!). This is a very useful looking mechanism and will no doubt save me a significant chunk of development time!

Will be used at


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Simply awesome! , Jan 14, 2009
Review written by Richard Davies - see all my reviews (2)

This is an excellent script for people who write GreaseMonkey scripts. When included in a GreaseMonkey script, it enables the script to automatically check for updated versions of the script. If the script has been updated the user is notified and asked if they want to update their copy to the new version. If they click yes they are taken to the script's homepage where they can easily install the new script.

All script authors should take advantage of this because it's so easy! All you have to do is copy and paste a few lines of code and tweak a couple of variable settings containing your script ID and version number. The whole thing only takes a minute or two and then you've got an auto-updating script. VERY COOL!