Hide annoying youtubers from your YouTube!

By p3r4 Last update Dec 29, 2013 — Installed 2,627 times.

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1 star
Useless , 22 hours ago
Review written by mauve - see all my reviews (1)

Completely useless. Does not work at all.


5 stars
polo , Mar 14, 2014
Review written by polo2014 - see all my reviews (12)

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5 stars
Amazingly useful , Feb 18, 2014
Review written by BMoz - see all my reviews (1)

I just hate tons of popular lets players and keep getting annoyed whenever I see them in the recommended (Which I hate)

The best thing about the script is that pewdiepie is usually the first recommended whenever I remove one, so I usually can remove the whole list in a few cilcks!


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5 stars
What a wonderful aggravation saver! , Feb 13, 2014
Review written by average gatsby - see all my reviews (9)

I just can't stand all of the douchey channels that shitty Google/YouTube thinks should be "recommended for me". I even blocked those fucking channels yet they're still poping up all over the place. It's crazy that blocking those channels won't work and that it takes a third party to do something about it. Thank You so much author, you're awesome!


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5 stars
Registered to say THANKS! , Feb 3, 2014
Review written by SE - see all my reviews (1)

Registered to say a big thanks to the writer.

Youtube has used us users to create the infrastructure, get the bums on seats.
now youtube is "their panel" managers push annoying shills on us all the time
the new youtube "stars" would sell a baby a grenade if they got paid, its prostitution.

we need a way to block youtubers like KSI, pewdiepie and so on.
now thanks to this script we have a start

it would be good if youtube or a 3rd party would allow us to block say for example all content by KSI, that is needed soon.

Thanks again to the writer and my god the 3 default blocks.... he read my mind :)


3 stars
Can you make one to block video title keywords? , Dec 30, 2013
Review written by Computerguy - see all my reviews (2)

Can you make one to block video title keywords?


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5 stars
I can breathe again , Dec 21, 2013
Review written by woodsman - see all my reviews (1)

Fuck yeah!


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5 stars
Finally... a way to block unwanted recommendations , Dec 15, 2013
Review written by lunghd - see all my reviews (3)

I only signed up for this site to say "THANK YOU!" for this script.

I just installed GreaseMonkey & this script to block nuisance video uploaders and it's great! A few tweaks might help (right click to add idiot to blacklist) but ya know what?... I'm deliriously happy for the functionality it currently has and the control over the irrelevant crap that is being pushed by GoogleTube.

Thank you!


5 stars
Super Script ! , Nov 3, 2013
Review written by CITYCOMET - see all my reviews (85)

Thank you


5 stars
Works great now! 5/5 would install again. , Oct 30, 2013
Review written by Stewartisme - see all my reviews (3)

Also just so you know Smosh Games has a space in it and the default dosen't have the space.