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1 star
NOT , Nov 28, 2013
Review written by moh555 - see all my reviews (2)


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1 star
Used to work! , Mar 17, 2013
Review written by tala pantas - see all my reviews (4)

hi! please fix it for opera, it used to work but now it just wont. tried in violent monkey and even tried the manual method (saving it as user.js and pointing to its directory).

love this script tho. will change it to 5 as soon as it was fixed

it now works using opera 12.14 but it messes up seriously on virtually every pages. it's like all white backgrounds turns gray and every links i hover my mouse on animates to larger links!

marked down.

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2 stars
Sudah tidak bekerja lagi , Jan 9, 2013
Review written by Defrontier - see all my reviews (1)

maaf, apa cuma saya ya yang sudah tidak bisa menggunakan skrip ini?
saya sudah meniru video tutorial yang ada, tapi masih saja tidak bisa.
mohon diupdate kembali skrip nya. Trims.

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5 stars
ternyata , Nov 25, 2012
Review written by neo metagenesis - see all my reviews (1)

salam, saya admin ternyata ada juga cara seberti ini ya, kreatif om


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5 stars
Good , Dec 13, 2012
Review written by happyboy1992 - see all my reviews (37)

It turns out well, but it somehow conflicts with 4share mp3 download maybe I have to choose one.


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5 stars
It's Working , Nov 1, 2012
Review written by mirzasky - see all my reviews (1)

It's working for me. I've take an video capture for it. Wacth it here


5 stars
thanks , Sep 14, 2012
Review written by The Script - see all my reviews (1)

thanks, it works!


5 stars
Works perfectly!! , Aug 18, 2012
Review written by p1nky - see all my reviews (34)

Script-nya ok bangett :D