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1 star
Rarely works , Mar 22, 2013
Review written by secerov - see all my reviews (13)

Must refresh a page 2-3 times before it actually decides to trigger.

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4 stars
disable suggested videos at the end , Jan 1, 2013
Review written by jibreel - see all my reviews (2)

nice script, please add a code to Hide suggested videos when the video finishes in every video of youtube. its very annoying.
thank you


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5 stars
Unvaluable , Dec 28, 2012
Review written by Eid - see all my reviews (1)

Where other extensions failed, YousableTubeFix transformed my YouTube experience, especially by permanently enabling GPU video rendering and allowing me to effectively expand any clip to full-screen dimensions, without black borders or silly image proportions, on each of my 2 independent monitors.
For me, it's like having bought a brand new graphic card.


5 stars
Dedicated script creator , Dec 21, 2012
Review written by sslojpdz - see all my reviews (3)

Thank you so much for updating this script for the new Youtube layout. I'm sure it took lots of effort since the page was completely redesigned. This script is the only reason I have GreaseMonkey installed, and I thank you for being such a dedicated author.

My only concern is that for some reason the script did not automatically update like it normally does. I had to manually search to get to this page in order to install the fixed version. Dunno if that's expected behavior on your end or not. Still, props man.


5 stars
Best Script for Youtube! , Dec 18, 2012
Review written by BigBacon - see all my reviews (2)

Thanks for updating in time.


5 stars
Great! , Dec 12, 2012
Review written by fdsdfg - see all my reviews (1)

Great script - however it does need an update for the new youtube layout as another user stated. I swore by this script before the layout change, and I hope I can continue using it! =D


5 stars
Needs to update to new youtube layout , Dec 11, 2012
Review written by AnthonyG - see all my reviews (1)

This is an excellent thing you have here. I made a account just to comment on this wonderful product, However youtube has recently changed their layout(again)and the script doesn't work anymore. Please update, this is a awesome product and i don't wanna use anything else


5 stars
✰✰✰✰✰ , Nov 20, 2012
Review written by AMZMA - see all my reviews (41)

very nice


5 stars
Get this script! , Sep 7, 2012
Review written by PandaScripting - see all my reviews (4)

Works great!


5 stars
Way ahead of the others... , Sep 3, 2012
Review written by NiPP0 - see all my reviews (3)

This is by far the best Youtube enhancer...

My only suggestion would be to add an 'Animated Thumbnails' option.