google Enhanced BLACK v3.2.12

By gabedibble Last update Nov 6, 2011 — Installed 692,515 times.

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not working , Jul 31, 2010
Review written by SuperRicardoWorld - see all my reviews (115)

for google images

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doesn't work on may google pages , Jun 25, 2013
Review written by Timur Dincer - see all my reviews (1)

running latest version of chrome.
gmail- only the "hangouts" chat log (right side) is black

google music- nothing is black

google calendar - not consistent

google maps- doesn't work with the new maps

general - search bar is always white across the google pages

youtube - nothing is black

google+ - nothing is black

google drive - nothing is black


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Very Annoying Update Reminders , Jul 14, 2009
Review written by John2pa - see all my reviews (1)

This script is cool, but the update reminders on the Google home page drive me crazy. They always pop up in the corner of the screen, and they won't go away even if you update Google Black. They are nothing more than a self-promoting tool of the script writer. The script is great, but I won't be using it anymore because I don't need annoying pop-ups with flashing text. Ridiculous.


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Makes text unreadable , Feb 3, 2012
Review written by John Kretschmann - see all my reviews (4)

Black background, dark text. Not a good combo.

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. , Jun 15, 2011
Review written by hoeby - see all my reviews (1)

. .

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Fuck your popups , Aug 8, 2011
Review written by yizuman - see all my reviews (1)

Asshole. I hope you get raped and then get AIDS you little shitfuck.

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3 stars
ok script , Sep 18, 2009
Review written by daveo76 - see all my reviews (8)

I like the black theme. But the problem is some text is invisible. I'm from Australia so my google is The 2 tabs where to select "the web" or "pages from Australia" those text are invisible on the results page but main page no problem.


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Gcal Color Problem , Sep 20, 2009
Review written by Roy Kewner - see all my reviews (1)

I really liked the script at first, but had to discontinue it for one reason: most of my entries in gcal had their color stripped from them, in agenda and in month viewing mode. This made the easy-to-see color coding normally in gcal (when one like I do uses many different calendars for work, personal, etc. That color function is essential functionality which was the flaw that made me uninstall ....


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Almost adware , Oct 9, 2009
Review written by yuval - see all my reviews (2)

This used to be a vreay neafty script. works pretty good.

since last update a small money bag icon was added to all google pages (which is a donation link!!)
and an advertisment link is AUTOMATICALY added to all my outgoing private EMAIL without my CONCENT !!
this is a seriouse privacy issue in my opnion.

after uninstalling and reinstalling the script the problem went away so this isn't adware but since the problem could accure I cannot afford to take this risk of something like this showing up on my emails.

I gave this 3 starts since if this issue happened there has to be some code that supports it. it would be best if that code would have never been writen


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very nice , Oct 29, 2009
Review written by ruud - see all my reviews (1)

Because of a side-effect of one of my illnesses I get a problem with my eyes, if I see to much light in my area. So I like this script of "Greasemonkey" very much, it give me rest and I can sit longer as usuel behind the computer.
The problems with my eyes isn't easy for my family, but they respect it. I'm bedridden and handicapped, so I use the computer to have contact with others; I cannot watch a long time to a white screen (with normal daylight from outside). If the sun in shining in my livingroom, I put the 'venetian blinds' down, to bring more darkness. When I'm outside I can easy watching round in the daylight, only with the sun than I need sunglasses. If the problem started, I was behind my PC with sunglasses, but that's not easy watching if you need glasses to reed. Two glasses on my head (I've tried) it's crazy... :-), but the coming of this "Enchanged Black"-script gives more rest for my eyes and really. So the is also a medication :-)).

Only there must be more cooperation between the another script-makers, because p.e. with the program Downloadhelper (Firefox add-ons) and another script you can download from ± 40 websites. But now is the background black and nobody can watch that download-logo in the right corner below (Keep Tube)... So how can you fix that problem?

Anyway thanks you help me, and you thanks that you made all that scripts.

I'm open, honnest and sincere to myself and to others...!

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