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By Iam12yearsold Last update Feb 12, 2012 — Installed 3,395 times.

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Love it, But... , Mar 3, 2012
Review written by Sg2Tiger - see all my reviews (1)

Used AppCha previous to this script. Currently having a problem where the quickreply doesn't clear after I post, so I'm unsure if my posts actually go through or not, have to manually erase my quickreply contents, and have to refresh if I had posted an image because there's no way to clear that field when it doesn't clear itself after my post (it took me several minutes to realize it wasn't posting because of a duplicate file entry detected, as my file never cleared). The captcha does auto-update after I hit submit, but everything else remains static. Would appreciate a fix for this.

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4 stars
4 stars , Feb 14, 2012
Review written by ozko - see all my reviews (7)

Looks awesome, pictures block QR.