Remove/Hide "No new mail" Google Plus notice in Gmail

By oyvey Last update Feb 28, 2012 — Installed 1,551 times.

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5 stars
INBOX VICTORY!!! , Nov 16, 2012
Review written by Majster12 - see all my reviews (8)

I actually prefer to replace that text with a huge Ultra Maximum Freddy Mercury celebrating my clearing of the inbox:


5 stars
good stuff , Mar 6, 2012
Review written by angeloadam - see all my reviews (3)

does what it says


5 stars
Does what it says , Jan 18, 2012
Review written by drstupid - see all my reviews (7)

Works as advertised. I did the work to clean up my inbox, this hides the last annoying little box so everything is clean.

Works with Scriptish if you use that instead of Greasemonkey.