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By David Tsai Last update Oct 22, 2013 — Installed 45,289 times.

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2 stars
-(o_O)- , Feb 20, 2012
Review written by ScriptReview - see all my reviews (1)

Greetings !! i am using Firefox ver 10.0.2 with GreaseMonkey, i Downloaded the script, and at first glance, it appeared to function properly, i've been communicating with various friends, aka "Test Subjects" and they state that they receive no poke in return after they poke me.. Even though the Autopoke Log shows P: (poke recievied) and T: (poke sent)

i wll now include a single AutoPoke Log.

Test Subject P: 2012-02-20 03:51:26 GMT-05:00 T: 2012-02-20 03:51:26 GMT-05:00 for (;;);{"__ar":1,"payload":{"secure":false,"title":{"__html":"Poked Test Subject"},"body":{"__html":"\u003Cdiv class=\"UIImageBlock clearfix\">\u003Cimg class=\"UIImageBlock_Image UIImageBlock_MED_Image img\" src=\"http:\/\/profile.ak.fbcdn.net\/hprofile-ak-snc4\/369368_100001143496969_592445163_s.jpg\" alt=\"\" \/>\u003Cdiv class=\"UIImageBlock_Content UIImageBlock_MED_Content\">You have poked Test Subject.\u003C\/div>\u003C\/div>"},"buttons":["ok"],"handler":"","autohide":1100},"domops":[["remove","#poke_100001143496969",false,{"__html":""}]],"css":["xOnob"],"js":["KPIFB"],"onload":["setTimeout(function() { NetEgo.clearHeader(); }, 1);","Arbiter.inform(NavigationMessage.NAVIGATION_COUNT_UPDATE, {\"key\":\"poke\",\"count\":3});"],"resource_map":{"xOnob":{"type":"css","permanent":1,"src":"http:\/\/static.ak.fbcdn.net\/rsrc.php\/v1\/yt\/r\/1U4L9mQZ_-E.css"},"KPIFB":{"type":"js","src":"http:\/\/static.ak.fbcdn.net\/rsrc.php\/v1\/yb\/r\/XVQAFWdpkFl.js"}}} in 159 milliseconds. Since Last: First Time

i Rated this product 2 stars, as the script is able to successfully log the pokes, however the main function of the script, as stated, is to RETURN the pokes that are received, i will gladly rate this product with Five stars, once my issue has been resolved.

Thank You for your time.


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4 stars
Now shows Friend ID num instead of name? , Jan 25, 2013
Review written by sqr7 - see all my reviews (1)

I love this script, it's given me many laughs. I updated the script and now it shows my friends' ID num instead of their name. I've tried it with Chrome and Greasemonkey. Is thee a fix for this?

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4 stars
Seems to work , Apr 27, 2012
Review written by 987456321 - see all my reviews (1)

Firefox 12.0
Mac OSX (snow leopard)
seems to work well...i love the poke all, and how it shows you the "console"
it is a really great idea, and i hope you keep up to date with facebooks updates.

I can confirm that this is NOT malware, check the source code yourself if you would like.

EDIT: it seems asthough the poke-all doesn't work. it only does the first 10 (even after waiting for like 30 minutes) refreshing and trying again doesn't work, only tries the same 10. Is there a way so i can set it to poke more than 10, or skip the first 10? (so i can change it, save it, and try again, change it to skip to #30....)

EDIT2: Works fine after i updated firefox (firefox 13 beta 1)

Thanks for the script


4 stars
Works, but has issues , Dec 5, 2012
Review written by boomtastic - see all my reviews (1)

This script works well for me under Chrome, however I find that the ability to stop poking people would be a good option (either all or individually). I can't tell you how many times I have said "Oh no - I did not want to Poke them!!" Also, I have halted the script several times and it seems to start back up on it's own. But otherwise it's pretty good.


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5 stars
I personally think it's the best! , Feb 22, 2012
Review written by Jeffreylb94 - see all my reviews (1)

I personally think this script is the best! I can eaily go to the website on my browser now (facebook.com/pokes) and I just minimize the browser, and now anyone that pokes, will get poked back. I love how I can have 20 friends all poke within a minute or two (in range) and it will automatically poke them ALL back! many other scripts only does one person, while this automatically does everyone!


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5 stars
Yes, please keep updating. , Jul 27, 2012
Review written by ChittyBang - see all my reviews (1)

I had an *older version (installed 3 days ago) of this script and today it showed me msg that failbook updated something so it was not working.

I thought you'd update this script after few days but I thought I'd check it anyway and here it is! Walla!! You've already updated it! Now it works just fine.

Thanks for your swell work! You are awesome!


5 stars
Script Working Again , Mar 26, 2013
Review written by BIG_FELLA - see all my reviews (2)

Good work, this script stopped working recently, around the 23rd March 2013, but it is working again now...

Thanks man!!


5 stars
Working :D , Jun 12, 2012
Review written by ROG3R - see all my reviews (1)

Firefox 10.0.2
Greasemonkey 0.9.20
Windows 7

This script is working, poking back who pokes you.
I was using another script that was flooding the pokes and facebook was blocking me sometimes.

you "lose" the page facebook.com/pokes :(, could appear in a iframe or something like that

Suggestion for the autor:
Change the name of the script, have A LOT OF scritps called "Facebook Autopoke", that confuses everybody, so put something different at the name.

(sorry for my bad English,
Roger from Brazil)

edit: hmm, the "Autopoke Log" appears in front of the pokes page, coz u stay ONLINE at the chat..
I think that the Autopoke Log could appear with transparency, or something like that for you see the "original page"


5 stars
Good Scripts! , Dec 20, 2012
Review written by Trever d - see all my reviews (495)

Nice Script, work very good, I like it.


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5 stars
Best Greasemonkey Script Ever! , Jul 2, 2012
Review written by disturb3d1 - see all my reviews (5)

BUT STOP UPDATING IT! haha. I get emails when you update it, and that makes 5 emails today... so far! This script works great, but please test it, then upload it. I don't want to unsubscribe from alerts, because this script is awesome, but I'm about to! :)