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A saner way to play audio of Flemish radio stations , Aug 3, 2009
Review written by MichaelCox - see all my reviews (1)

The VRT radio sites' player is just annoying, this script makes it a lot easier to listen to audio snippets and download them. Although the script is called "stubru" it also works on klara, radio 1, radio 2, ...

This script provides a nice "(mp3)" link right behind links to audio that open up in the VRT player. So you'll like it even if you use the VRT player but occasionally want to download the mp3 (depending on the way you set up your browser/computer you do that by just clicking that link or buy right clicking and choosing "save file as" from the dropdown menu.

If you listen to any VRT radio station there's actually no reason to not install this script. Even if you'll hardly use it, it doesn't sit in the way at all.