UnFuck Facebook

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Is Good , Mar 8, 2012
Review written by SriSreedhar - see all my reviews (1)

but i dont see much use of it, unless it facilitates us to use 3rd party apps, or embedd some links in it .. good


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English? , Feb 10, 2010
Review written by hallycat - see all my reviews (1)

Dude, you are a college student? I can't believe you can get into college not knowing how to write the language.
It's REWRITTEN not rewrote.


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UnFuck Facebook is Fucked Up! , Mar 18, 2009
Review written by Perplexed Guide - see all my reviews (7)

Total waste of time of a greasemonkey script!...RED FLAGS on this one! BEWARE BEWARE UNFUCK WILL FUCK YOU ROYALLY!

Learn from an experienced user use Facebook Fixer instead:



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not convinced, not quite , Apr 14, 2009
Review written by Finlay - see all my reviews (1)

my main problem with this is that when it moved the friend list things onto the right hand side of the screen, it also expanded the list and made it so I couldn't hide most of it again. And because I like to divide my friends into groups using lists, this makes it a bit useless, as I have a lot, and it's now taking up most of the screen. And since the reason that I bothered in the first place was to make the Events/Birthdays and Pokes tabs appear at the top of the page again, it makes it totally useless.

(Facebook Fixer doesn't quite have the right functionality either, fwiw; in this one, you have to get rid of the Highlights tab, which – while I agree it's very that you can't customise it in any way, shape or form – I still like to be able to see)

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No good , Aug 3, 2010
Review written by rokoe - see all my reviews (32)

Hangs firefox for 4 seconds browsing older posts on wall everytime. very annoying!!!

uninstalled = fixed


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OKAY , Oct 8, 2009
Review written by nick23 - see all my reviews (14)

It's ok but I wouldn't go as far to say it "unfucks" facebook.

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Does what it says on the tin. , Jan 23, 2009
Review written by moopet - see all my reviews (2)

99% of facebook is junk. 1% is good enough for me!


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Timestamps on posts are screwed up , Feb 7, 2010
Review written by lunacydress - see all my reviews (1)

Works well, except that the timestamps on any posts in the newsfeed are missing "am" or "pm" on anything posted the same day. Previous days do have "am" and "pm", though. Just a little annoying.

Also, would love to have the fixed menu bar along the bottom with my favorite applications back, so I don't have to scroll back up to the top every time I want to go to one of them.

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good , Jan 13, 2010
Review written by doducluyen - see all my reviews (1)

just seen this script when it release after 4 hours ;)

a little helpful with me :x


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"Feature" Request , Apr 24, 2010
Review written by Chummy - see all my reviews (3)

Great Script!

Only wish it were named something else so that I could recommend it to my friends.

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