Tweak Google Menu (outdated)

By TomasJLA Last update Jan 3, 2012 — Installed 8,868 times.

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5 stars
Nice Option! , Dec 21, 2011
Review written by Bad_Attitude - see all my reviews (3)

Much appreciate the option to move menu items around. Nice job!


5 stars
Must-have script! , Jan 4, 2012
Review written by montuos - see all my reviews (2)

This script is pretty awesome! I originally installed Tweak Google Menu for the convenience of having the Google products I actually use available in the top level of the menu, and downgrading those I never do. I was thrilled to discover that it lets me select Picasaweb so I could get rid of G+ Photos. Now I can finally specify the height of the bar itself, and there are even more features planned on the to-do list. Every time I think this script can't get better, it does!

The only complaints I have are with the configuration. The drag and drop has been a little rough, but I found it easier to use after a little practice with it. (This complaint may already be out of date; I haven't moved any items around since 0.563.) I'm also not entirely happy that the configuration opens in the same tab from which you invoke it, forcing you to use the browser's back button and reload after making changes, but I can live with that. However, the author states that a better UI is in progress, so I'm looking forward to that, and I have high hopes for future versions.


5 stars
Works wonders , Jan 17, 2012
Review written by ackurxs - see all my reviews (1)

While the new Google bar is better it isn't perfect. This script is very useful in cleaning up the bar and making it far more useful. It was kind of annoying not having Google reader in the menu but that was easily taken care of.