Facebook Scrubber (Deletes all Wall Activity)

By jhkchan Last update Dec 6, 2011 — Installed 95,300 times.

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Bad Ass! , Dec 20, 2011
Review written by DudeMan - see all my reviews (3)

Thank you very MUCH! This is a huuuuuuuuuge time saver! :)!!!


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IT will work for those with TImeLine install! Here is how , Jan 4, 2012
Review written by ToHell withTimeline - see all my reviews (1)

Since the script "Facebook Scrubber" deletes all Wall Activity in the pre-Timeline layout. If you have installed the Timeline like I did.., and I try the iMarco thing.. its a pain.. This is what you can do to cheat your facebook that you are using Internet Explorer 7 (FB Timeline does not work in IE 7, so by default it wet back to looking like your previous pre-Timeline layout on your computer

SO..open Firefox and install the add-on "User Agent Switcher" n you can temporary swt6ich to IE 7 AND USE the script to wipe em clean like i did

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code showed promise but does not work , Jan 3, 2013
Review written by GµårÐïåñ - see all my reviews (1)

I have taken a look at the code and all the previous versions that this is based on and they all showed promise but it simply doesn't work. I have taken into consideration the suggestions of others who have previously put their review and yet no joy.

1. In pure FX environment, no button, the GM menu item does not execute anything - simply nothing works. In Chrome or anything else, don't even bother.

2. Suggestion to run in old profile mode using IE7 trick while within FX, tried and although the profile items DO load in traditional view, it STILL does not work. Still no button and no execution using the GM menu item either.

3. I have not had much time to tweak the code or mess with it to see what would make it work in lieu of the new changes to FB code.

Just wanted to give everyone who has heard of this script and is looking for it to work to not be surprised that it doesn't, and hopefully the author will change the code and repost a new working update to continue their good work.

I would be happy to adjust my rating once it actually works. If I happen to find enough time to write up the updated code, I will update and post a comment with the link. I am hoping since the author is already familiar with their own code, they can get it updated much quicker.


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Won't work. , Sep 18, 2013
Review written by Sloth_X - see all my reviews (4)

Won't work for me either.