THE Jawz's KabaListics (the Original script)

By Jawz74 Last update Jan 6, 2013 — Installed 606,908 times.

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4 stars
sending spies , Mar 26, 2012
Review written by Lady - see all my reviews (1)

This script, as always is great, you really are the go to guy when it comes to making a great tool, however with the game lag and not being able to attack , and spy with out a realm message that it is too busy , do you think you would be able to add a tab just for sending spies... this could be handy for many things ..please let me know what you think


5 stars
error attacks , Mar 23, 2012
Review written by bunde - see all my reviews (1)

Hello and congratulations to all the work you are doing, is crucial for us what we're doing, let me know if you have news on issues related to the attacks made by the tool to the camps. I do not know if there were changes made ​​by kabam who proceeded to block this function. thanks

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4 stars
entrainement troupe , Mar 21, 2012
Review written by mouadib - see all my reviews (1)

Bonjour, en premier, félicitation pour votre travail...ensuite, serait-il possible de pouvoir entraîner n'importe quelle troupe dans n'importe quel avant-poste, comme ce fût le cas précédemment ? (ex ogre sur poste de feu...)


1 star
le Tools est transparent , Mar 20, 2012
Review written by Bassmano - see all my reviews (1)

Sur Ggle Chrome Le tools est transparent et cela met un message d'erreur : "INIT ERROR: ReferenceError: className is not defined"!
J'ai vidé le cache, les cookies et l'historique! mais rien y fait!!
merci de votre aide pour résoudre ce problème!


5 stars
cant train , Mar 9, 2012
Review written by azzahell - see all my reviews (1)

cant train any troops with script it just comes up Error Training: i have reloaded script and nothing


5 stars
Cheat for training troops , Mar 9, 2012
Review written by ierluk - see all my reviews (1)

The script generally is awesome!!
Nevertheless, with the last upgrade, it is no longer possible to train any kind of troops on all the ops... :(
I hope that you fix that, this feature is so helpful!!!
Thanks guys!!!

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3 stars
not working , Mar 9, 2012
Review written by shu78 - see all my reviews (1)

I obtain always this "Error whilst fetching data from server"... how can I solve it? I already tried deleting all the cache and cookies and installing again the tool but still not working...


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3 stars
training cheat , Mar 9, 2012
Review written by GH05T - see all my reviews (1)

the train any elite troop in any op is no longer working for me... the auto refresh has also quit working unless im actually setting there and remind it to refresh itself... i would be very appreciative if these were fixed


5 stars
great job , Mar 4, 2012
Review written by Kawa1802 - see all my reviews (1)

Great job, very nice done


5 stars
Wont Load , Mar 2, 2012
Review written by Doomsha - see all my reviews (1)

Ok so I was having the same issue some others are having. It was dropping training and not saving data so I uninstalled it, cleared cookies and what-not though Chrome tools, then reinstalled. Now it wont load. The PowerTools one will load but this one wont. Anyone know how to fix it??