Google Reader: compact and less depressing

By balver Last update Dec 8, 2012 — Installed 5,736 times.

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Works like a charm in chrome , Dec 16, 2012
Review written by Komanche - see all my reviews (6)

Chrome, latest stable, working good. Blue is better :)
Thank you.


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5 stars
Love the colors! , Nov 12, 2011
Review written by Jordan117 - see all my reviews (3)

A great script for getting rid of all that harsh grey and red in the new standard theme.

My only nitpick is that it's harder to distinguish read and unread items. Normally, read items have a shaded grey background, but this script makes everything white! You can still tell by whether the title is bolded, but it's not as clear as before.

Read item color issue fixed -- awesome job! 5/5

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5 stars
Less Depressing Indeed , Aug 6, 2012
Review written by Mushaf - see all my reviews (30)

Just what I was looking for - compact and more like the previous layout. Thanks a lot!

I changed the layout color to bluish just like it was in Gmail classic theme >

Anyone wishes to use the blue version can use the color codes below >

color1 = "#e3e9ff";
color2 = "#bacbfe";
color3 = "#e3e9ff";
color4 = "#bacbfe";
color5 = "#a5bbfe";
color6 = "#eeeeee";


5 stars
I needed this cheering up , Nov 5, 2011
Review written by EnEss - see all my reviews (2)

Very nice, so much less depressing.
Green is good!