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AInt working right anymore , Feb 7, 2012
Review written by Formand - see all my reviews (2)

This version is by far the worst ever put on marked..

In galaxy view, you can't send off probes/ships.
The pop-up menu disapears before you can click spy/attack/transport..
Pisses me royally off !!!

Worked just well before last update :(

Plz go back to the "working" versions !!

After latest antigame-update it's not working at all.. ! CRAP


1 star
Piece of crap , Jan 28, 2013
Review written by Capt Katana - see all my reviews (5)

Today I tried to update antigame to version 4.42 ... instead of updating, it went to version 4.17!!! Why?!!!

Then I come here to update and found you changed it from a Greasemonkey script a firefox extention (why?!!!! Explain such action!)

This used to be a good script, but now it make the game slow ... even worst, you are taking all the credits, this work is not yours, you just updated someone else script.

Extencions can have access to personal data, add ads on any websites and have many other "malware" features... hope this is not the case.

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Total piece of crap , Jan 3, 2012
Review written by Vess - see all my reviews (2)

The Origin group have taken the brilliant original AntiGame script from Tarja and, instead of just making minimal fixes, in order to make it compatible with the latest changes to OGame, have completely screwed it up. :-(

Now it is a buggy, ugly, inconvenient, unusable piece of crap. :-(( Avoid it.

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3 stars
What did you guys do???!!!!! , Mar 20, 2013
Review written by Reaver35 - see all my reviews (1)

It still takes the guesswork out of resources used and how many cargoes to send to get all the loot. But after that everything is broken. It won't update the universe database or player database which I consider to be it's best features. Please fix this problem so antigame doesn't continue to suck.

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4 stars
works for me , Jan 1, 2012
Review written by daque2 - see all my reviews (1)

I was just wanting something to adjust game time to local.. which it accomplished!
Haven't looked into everything else much yet, but from what I can see so far, a very useful script..
good job guys


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4 stars
AntiGame Origin has improved greatly over the last months :) , Oct 25, 2013
Review written by crusy - see all my reviews (13)

Since GameFo*** went and changed so many things for 2.3 this version of the script has become the best. The original author did an awesome job ( but unfortunately the last version does not work correctly anymore.

EDIT: I have removed 2 stars from my rating as the origin team does not seem to be doing as good a job as is possible. At the same time I would like to thank Vess for his constant work on finding and actually fixing the bugs that appear in every new version.

EDIT #2: I have removed more stars as the newest version is terrible.

EDIT #3: In the newest version the code is now garbled and cannot be read or edited anymore. I will not use this version EVER!
I wish I could give even less then one star now.

EDIT #4 OGame V5.0 Francolino was quite quick at fixing most problems with OGame V5. I'm back in the game myself (never say NEVER) and still couldn't play it without Antigame. Keep up the hard work! And maybe some day you will even post a version that is not compiled ;)


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5 stars
Antigame , Jan 2, 2012
Review written by Kristallprinz - see all my reviews (2)

Best OGame Extension


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Nice I like it , Oct 1, 2012
Review written by Robert9922 - see all my reviews (13)

Nice script


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Antigame not work , Feb 6, 2012
Review written by marisiver - see all my reviews (3)

Hi, I'm a faithful fan of antigame, I can not live without, and now that I have not need it ... since the last update has disappeared. Use tampermonkey and Chrome, and I have the antigame the last of the list because if I put the script after I stop working. Could rebizarlo? I very much need

Translation by chrome

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good job , Dec 11, 2011
Review written by benneb - see all my reviews (6)

good job