GoR BoTTols - Glory of Rome

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CPU Hog when turn on more than one option , Jul 18, 2013
Review written by pastorjmayhairsr - see all my reviews (1)

I'm like all game players we want to have many thing going on at one time. Building,attacking and increasing knowledge level. Faster I get to the higher level the better. I have a good Mac running the latest version of OS and latest version FoxFire and 3.5 of scripts. I have 4 gb of ram. I have found if I run nothing but the browser and scripts; and have autobuild and autoresource turned on. Within 15 to 20 minute my CPU is max out 100 % and FoxFire stops responding (game hangs) Truly weird. I do get around it by only enable one option at a time. The number of process decrease has well memory usage. There does appear there is some swapping going on between memory and I/O. I'm looking in to increasing my Ram to 8 gbs.


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Great But has new bugs , Mar 3, 2012
Review written by StacyH - see all my reviews (1)

The one bug i found is that when you search for a player it gives an error message. If that was fixed and then add the new troops it would run perfectly. I hope this gets done very soon.


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Outstanding. , Feb 23, 2012
Review written by BobSugar - see all my reviews (3)

Add an auto-builder, and attack manager and it would be perfect.


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Grazie ALEEEE!! , Oct 30, 2011
Review written by BOARO - see all my reviews (2)

Grande come sempre!!