Battlelog Auto Join

By TurtleHax Last update Oct 28, 2011 — Installed 24,201 times.

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5 stars
Needs update unfortunately , Nov 7, 2011
Review written by Miller Cook - see all my reviews (1)

Used this. Like it a lot. With latest Battlelog update, this is no longer working.


4 stars
Excellent, works very well , Nov 9, 2011
Review written by RynO-SauruS - see all my reviews (1)

I love this script. It helps me get in a good server a lot faster.

The only thing I dislike is that you have to check the auto-join option every time you try to join a full game. I think it would be much better if it would just automatically be checked when you try to join a game that's full. If you want to take it even further, you could make it *remember* whether you want it to auto-join or not (defaulting to *On*). (I'm actually trying to modify it to do this for myself =D)

I will make it 5 stars if you add this functionality. =)

Thanks for this great script!

EDIT 1: I have added my own code that automatically turns on the auto-join if the server is full, AND if the server puts you into the "Server Queue" (because the server queue doesn't work).
For me, the script is virtually flawless now! =D

EDIT 2: My modified version is now to a point where it makes the script a lot simpler and cleaner. I've removed the enable/disable checkbox, changed the "Close" button to a "Cancel" button, and made the "description text" on the game manager taskbar that said "Error" now say "Auto-join pending..." (so you can "minimize" the box and know that it's auto-joining). This way, it's all entirely automatic. Very simple. =)


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5 stars
Better than EA/DICE , Oct 28, 2011
Review written by piesporT - see all my reviews (2)

Does what it's supposed to, and it actually works unlike the Battlelog itself half of the time.

The narwhals have baconed, this is a must-have for us BF3 freaks :)