Wall Manager Sidekick (FV)

By ddm Last update Jan 16, 2013 — Installed 161,167 times.

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Wonderful , Nov 16, 2011
Review written by Lunique - see all my reviews (11)

Thanks for this nice script, it works wonderful, is updated permanently and the support is great too.
Greetings, Lunique

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SUPERIOR , Feb 23, 2012
Review written by Pain N. Ass - see all my reviews (3)

In the history of FVWM, Farmville Wall Manager, which later became THIS script, there has never been a greater or more proactive effort to maintain this script at the highest possible standards.

It's the best FV reward grabber you can get!


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Excellent , Feb 12, 2012
Review written by Sarge - see all my reviews (1)

I certainly do not have the time to be sat clicking on everyone's posts but now that i use this i don't need too Thanks Guys, I Would be lost without it...