Geocaching Map Enhancements

By JRI Last update Mar 17, 2014 — Installed 36,137 times.

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5 stars
EXCELLENT , Dec 7, 2013
Review written by Darren Hibbert - see all my reviews (1)

What a great script. Has helped me loads with geocaches. Keep up the good work. Thank you


5 stars
Google maps geht wieder! , Apr 21, 2013
Review written by Seebaer777 - see all my reviews (1)

Ich hatte vorher Google Maps Show Geocaches genutzt, doch seit kurzem erscheint auf der Geocaching-Karte nicht mehr nur die Möglichkeit einiger OSM-Varianten, sondern auch Thunderforest-Karten, Stamen und Esri-Karten, was immer das auch für Karten sein mögen. Seit dieser Änderung funktioniert das google.maps Geocaching-Script nicht mehr.
Weder mit dem vorherigen Script noch mit GC helper funktioniert es, doch das hier bringt es wieder zum laufen.
Bing scheint nicht zu funktionieren, nutze ich aber eh höchst selten. Hauptsache ich kann wieder google nutzen.
Vorteil ist ja, wenn man irgendwo hinmuss und sich die Lage auf google maps ansieht, parallel nach Caches schauen will auf der GC-Karte, bietet es sich an, wenn beide Karten gleich aussehen... und das ist nun wieder gegeben.


5 stars
Super! , Oct 13, 2012
Review written by Dave Ross - see all my reviews (4)

Very useful script!


5 stars
A must have for the UK Geocacher , Aug 30, 2011
Review written by Ralph - see all my reviews (1)

I signed up to this site just so I could review this script. If you are a UK Geocacher you need this script, it's just great! Firefox users need Greasemonkey but Chrome users can just run it native. It's seamless and by adding the OS maps it makes finding caches so much easier.
Using Bing's facility for OS maps will, hopefully, make this more reliable than the other OS enhancement scripts which seem to break at regular intervals due to their reliance on other websites.
As you might gather, I'm really pleased with it.


5 stars
Superb! , Apr 26, 2012
Review written by waywalker - see all my reviews (1)

A must-have for serious cachers :o)


5 stars
Very grateful , Mar 2, 2012
Review written by Wimm Team - see all my reviews (1)

I think I speak for a lots of folks here in Portugal, this script is awesome. Thanks a lot for the work.


5 stars
A Must-Have , Mar 7, 2014
Review written by ErichSt - see all my reviews (1)

This script and the support the author provides for it are top. Thanks, JRI!


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5 stars
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4 stars
Almost Great , Oct 6, 2012
Review written by JayB - see all my reviews (3)

This script provides some excellent enhancements to the map pages and I would recommend it highly except for a couple of minor annoyances.
The first annoyance is that it modifies pages that are not map pages in a way that I do not see as having anything to do with the map page.
What it does on the cache listing page is puts the cache name, cache made by and cache hidden information at the top of the page into a box. Doing this prevents the selecting and copying of that information with the Ctrl-C shortcut.
The other annoyance is that it has no way to disable the setting of a default map. I have another script that does this and would like to turn that capability off in this script.