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Does nothing? , Feb 19, 2009
Review written by logan the T - see all my reviews (10)

I can only assume this is an ego project for some 12-year-old Russian coder who bot-ed their way to the top of the Greasemonkey charts.

I'm not planning on installing it, and I don't recommend that you do, either.


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wowdongs , Mar 1, 2009
Review written by Avindra V.G. - see all my reviews (57)

get off the site, looping xhttprequests millions of times is a pretty cool guy, but you're not


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pure shit , Apr 12, 2009
Review written by Drug0y - see all my reviews (23)

with no description and working exploit-autoclicker


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The Author Himself , Jan 30, 2011
Review written by Diptarag Mukherjee - see all my reviews (1)

Hii It's been nearly 3 years I coded this thing, Stylexxx was my frist project, and frankly speaking I did not have in depth knowledge in javascript at that time, but i managed somehow with my dedication, thank you all for your love and support, even I was shocked with the number of downloads, I could not believe my eyes, but i never used some autoclicker neither this is an ego project, i dont know whether someone else did it or not. Yes i published several versions of this scripts making small changes, which i could have done better. Coding was always a pleasure and forever it will be, I wrote only 2 more userscripts after this one, fontexxx & smilexxx. But those 2 never reached the height of stylexxx, i guess first one is always the best one. Sorry for the lame description, i was young then and initially i published the script only for an orkut community (OUG). I dont know why I searched for my oldies today, but definitely after watching all these I am having a urge to write scripts again :)


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auto-clicker , Aug 5, 2009
Review written by Buzzy - see all my reviews (7)



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Wow Omg! , May 15, 2009
Review written by DaveNow - see all my reviews (4)

Hey its me Dave you not gonna believe this lol. i just got a free ipod touch from this site by click two or three surveys lmfao. i think the systems glitched or something hurry sign up now before they fix it - (copy and paste that url into your browser)