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4 stars
For users who miss the drop down menu, this is the script to get -- plain and simple, , Dec 13, 2013
Review written by musichemyst - see all my reviews (12)

Nicely done! Does exactly what it should; this script makes it seem like the drop down menu feature was never actually removed by uso.

I give it 4 stars instead of 5 because, a) it seems like the menu font is awfully tiny (even after adjusting my browsers font settings), and b) I was hoping that the menu would not only do what the old menu did but have a lot more better/powerful features packed in. The latter might seem like asking too much, but take a quick look at the many awesome/powerful scripts jesus2099 has shared here on uso and you can see why my expectations were so high.

[...side note: isn't it ironic that a site that specializes in scripts that perform in-browser webpage customization has one of their notable site feature mistakes fixed by, yep, one of the scripts hosted on their site. ;) ]

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4 stars
Nice Script , Sep 5, 2013
Review written by Shivesh Chandra - see all my reviews (1)

Buddy! Really you did a good job.

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5 stars
Very useful script. Saves a lot of time on uso. , Jul 21, 2013
Review written by jerone - see all my reviews (8)

Very useful script. Saves a lot of time on uso.

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5 stars
Very convenient script , Feb 7, 2012
Review written by rikkie - see all my reviews (14)

Very convenient script.
Thank you!

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1 star
Congratulations you've received a very poor rating due to spamming one of my scripts , Jun 24, 2011
Review written by Marti - see all my reviews (73)

  • 5 stars (EXCELLENT) - Not only does everything it claims, but it is significantly more useful than scripts of similar nature. This script is likely to be one you use often and you highly recommend it.
  • 4 stars (GOOD) - Useful and easy to use, though not necessarily special. This script is recommended but may be more suited for some people over others.
  • 3 stars (PASSABLE) - May have some design issues and/or some missing features. Any problems it has are not drastic enough to recommend against, and some people may still find it useful. Recommended for those who need it and are willing to give it a try.
  • 2 stars (POOR) - Script is of low quality, usability, or just doesn't do what it says it should. You are recommending against this script, while noting that it might have some redeeming value for a few people.
  • 1 star (BAD) - Script either doesn't work correctly or is utterly useless. You can't think of any significant reason why someone should give it a try and are recommending that it be avoided completely.

Poorly written and doesn't interact well with any other script here on USO. I would have rated you a little bit higher but I don't appreciate the spamming you've done on one of my scripts. As you are aware the appropriate venue for advertising your stuff is in this topic.


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5 stars
opera hasn't crashed yet so .... , Aug 4, 2011
Review written by Ghis1964 - see all my reviews (16)

I guess this is not bad ;))


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