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By David Fichtmueller Last update Aug 9, 2013 — Installed 4,034 times.

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1 star
doesn't work for me , Dec 11, 2012
Review written by mrxt - see all my reviews (5)


5 stars
Does what it says perfectly! , Aug 29, 2011
Review written by RMS_177 - see all my reviews (5)

When I first read about this script, it sounded uniquely simply, but very intriguing. I wondered if like many scripts listed now-a-days it would no longer work since Twitter upgraded, but to my delight it worked like a charm!

Now I can just go to my favorite Twitter users profiles once, click the RSS feed button with this nifty little script enabled, and save the feed to my favorites on my Firefox Bookmarks. So without having to wait forever for Twitter to load and try and constantly click on "Try Again" to load my Timeline to see what everyone's been up to while I've been gone (I'm stuck with dial-up) or doing the same on their profile pages, I can just go to my RSS feeds on by Bookmarks now.

This is such an awesome script!! Props to the creator!!! :)


5 stars
Works great! , Jun 28, 2011
Review written by Emmanuel Fan - see all my reviews (1)

Just what I was looking for. Thought I'd check first to see if anyone had made the script before I dipped my toe into writing one myself. Thanks!

After installing, I spent a few moments looking for the RSS link in the previous spot where Twitter had it in the bottom right column, but eventually saw that you had conveniently placed a feed icon next to the user header :).