DOA Power Tools

By George Jetson Last update May 31, 2011 — Installed 192,493 times.

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Thanks , May 17, 2011
Review written by 007falco - see all my reviews (1)

Gerge six fantastic, 'the first time I play Wherein types of online games and before the scripts were hard to find now I have taken the great thanks to your genius' and brilliance I hope that you find a solution as soon as possible .... I read that tomorrow morning I hope you can solve the problem even to make attacks on wilderness George .... thanks to exist


5 stars
Can't be perfect than this , May 18, 2011
Review written by halod - see all my reviews (1)

First of all, Hats off to the creator of this script. This was the first time i am using a grease monkey script and thought it will be tough but in fact it was not. After and when i opened "Dragons of Atlantis" and started to browse through the options, i was wondered how carefully the options are selected and framed to give a good user experience. This just proved to be excellent script which can be used by "just" anyone.

The best features i liked about this is the auto build options. This just not pick the buildings by random. It first makes all the building (lets say farms) to the same level. Then upgrade them one by one and then move to next level.

Options like "Stop if any troops lost:" was for people like me who are having very less troop to manage and a loss will be affecting our game plan.

I know he is in the process of getting the "Wave Attack" option for lakes. waiting for the same to start my outpost :)


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5 stars
WOW George , May 14, 2011
Review written by Crusher - see all my reviews (1)

Wow Mr Jetson. You have done it again. I applaud you and your work. Thank you so much!!