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5 stars
Elegant and integreates nicely , Dec 30, 2008
Review written by examancer - see all my reviews (1)

I could have written this script myself... but it probably wouldn't have integrated as nicely into the reader UI if I had done it. This a very nice, clean, and simple script. It works exactly how it should. The code is also laid out very cleanly, which allowed me to make changes, mostly related to using for short URLs instead of TinyURL.

author: you might want to consider using for short URLs instead of TinyURL... the URLs are several characters shorter and the API is simpler (no regexing the response page from tinyurl, returns nothing but the URL if you use their API). I can provide my changes if you want, but obviously looking at your code I'm sure you could figure it out.


5 stars
This is a great script! , Sep 14, 2013
Review written by Ella Belle - see all my reviews (6)

I love this script, It really helped me organize my google reader and twitter account whilst still allowing me to play Temple Run Online


5 stars
AMAZING , Jul 22, 2009
Review written by Chanse Arrington - see all my reviews (1)

There are a couple bugs on my mac do to the updates on Google Reader and the fact that I am using Flock instead of Firefox, but all in all I absolutely love this script and couldn't live without it!


4 stars
Google Reader already has this by default (in settings) , Jan 10, 2010
Review written by nascent - see all my reviews (79)

This script does work great, it adds a link to post the item to twitter just as advertised. It integrates well, however this functionality already exists in Google Reader by default.

If you go to settings and "send to" you can add twitter,facebook,digg,reddit and many others to Google Reader allowing this functionaltiy but for even more services all in a neat dropdown menu.

So while this script works great it really isn't worth using when "send to" Google Reader's default social feature, works much better.