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Stoled , Nov 14, 2011
Review written by teddyboy - see all my reviews (1)

thanks for stealing my code on the 800 search besides ur transport dont work you want that part of my code as well what about my scouter code you want that as well what about my auto attack on tc you want that code as well what about auto transport so once your city reaches its max res it transport to your other citys you want that code to to clam it as yours


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Posted Nov 15, 2011

asylumserve's works fine. People should think 2's before accusing others of stealing. He has just updated and fine tweaked another one.

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Posted Nov 15, 2011

No one stole your code, this is a updated script and orginal authors are noted in the description, if you have updated the code with new features we should be working together to make the script better, don't accuse people of stealing your code when all we do is update the open source of the scripts and I updated the search code, plus the transport works just fine on my end.