@require USO Updater

Written by Tim Smart — Last update Jun 21, 2012

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DISCONTINUED - Greasemonkey now has a built in updater


In all serious-ness, the above link contains documentation for USO-Updater. Recommended for intermediate to advanced scriptwright's (see http://userscripts.org/guides/24 for a more mature solution), unless the basic API is used:

// @require   http://updater.usotools.co.cc/script_id.js

Insert into your metadata, and you are away laughing! Ho ho ho...

Get the code!


I love pull requests! Feel free to make a branch.

Free with every copy::

I'm not usually about 2 in 1 deals, but if you set api=1 in the require URL, you get a deluxe edition of the USOScript prototype! Lucky you!

Here is me using it:

 // ==UserScript==
// @name           I love open source
// @description    Need I repeat myself?
// @include        http://*
// @require        http://updater.usotools.co.cc/12345.js?api=1
// ==/UserScript==

var script = new USO.script(70901);
script.updateRemoteMeta(function() {
  // Alerts "USO, meet Markdown."

A touch of history:

  1. Idea posted: http://userscripts.org/topics/29195
  2. First concept revision: http://www.fostle.com/usoupdater.php?scriptid=1...
  3. Jesse Andrews (Userscript.org host) hosts concept: http://userscripts.org/tims-updater/12345.js
  4. USO Updater V1 released
  5. usoCheckup released: http://userscripts.org/guides/24
  6. USO Updater V2 released
  7. @require Another Auto Updater released: http://userscripts.org/guides/45
  8. Everyone parties


Good times were had making this updater, in hope at least one person found it useful. Considering I'm not always around (I have a day job ;) ), you can almost always get support by contacting me via USO PM, which will then get forwarded to my email inbox. Cheers!