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Published Jun 30, 2011

Userscripts was down for 12 hours due to being disabled due to a communication issue with the hosting provider.

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A Dash of Nyan

Published Jun 18, 2011

A cute script that makes all youtube videos have the nyan cat progress bar.

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Downtime & Rate Limiting

Published Apr 29, 2010

The site was hit with an unintentional "DDOS" when a script author accidentally programmed thousands of computers to update their script every 10 milliseconds.

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Exposing reviews and ratings

Published May 31, 2009

When browsing userscripts, you now have the option to sort by their average rating. Also scripts must have a sufficient rating before they are shown on the homepage.

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Introducing Jetpack Support

Published May 27, 2009

Mozilla Labs recently introduced Jetpack, a new way of improving your browser using javascript/html. I'm introducing basic support for Jetpack on

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Becoming social

Published May 12, 2009

I've added vanity urls. So instead of being you can be (well, you cannot be anotherjesse since I already am). The beginning of a private messaging system is in place. And more email notifications are enabled.

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Groups, Scripts and Voting

Published May 3, 2009

I've add the ability for group members to vote up/down on their scripts. This allows a group to rank their favorite scripts.

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The return of Web 2.0

Published Apr 30, 2009

Tags have been reworked, fixing many usability issues and adding some web 2.0 tag clouds to explore the site.

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Improvements to /users

Published Apr 22, 2009

The user index page has always added little value. I've started work on replacing it with an page that lets you see what is happening on the site. Click the users tab at the top to see it.

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Published Jan 5, 2009

A 2008 summary of site statistics, review of site improvements, and a look at groups and Greasefire. Want a t-shirts?

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More Downtime

Published Dec 11, 2008

The morning of December 11th, the site went down for a few hours. Back up - read more for info on what happened.

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Getting stylish!

Published Nov 24, 2008

This week has brought a new site header, script header and lots of other improvements. Thanks to all of those who helped make it happen!

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Comments are dead, discussions are live!

Published Nov 17, 2008

Commenting on scripts has been popular, there has been 53,095 comments on 8,218 scripts since June 20th, 2005. Their success has come at a cost of usefulness. To bring order back to comments, comments are now threaded (eg, topics and posts).

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Fans, Reviews and Preview of "Guides"

Published Oct 27, 2008

Searching and browsing script by number of fans is now possible, reviewing/rating scripts is back (after a really really long hiatus), and a preview of "Guides".

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New Search Engine

Published Oct 22, 2008

I've updated the search engine, speed and flexibility!

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Times they are a changing

Published Oct 8, 2008

A new frontpage, integrate a how-to, integrated "Share this", made some style improvements, and the dashboard (/home) have been released!

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Voting on comments

Published Sep 29, 2008

To help highlight good comments and remove the bad ones, I've pushed a new version of the comment system.

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Published Aug 27, 2008

Users have been abusing the class attribute in comments/descriptions/other fields. It has gotten rather bad, so I've had to disable it :(

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Performance Increases

Published Aug 1, 2008

Database, CPU and RAM usage cut in half. Slow parts of the site targeted. Thanks to New Relic.

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Script Versioning

Published Jul 29, 2008

Versions are now stored for scripts. I'm working on "diff" functionality as well as adding "release notes" so users can see what has changed.

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Published May 25, 2008

Implemented several requests and am planning several other features/fixes thanks to your input.

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Feedback Redux

Published May 12, 2008

The site has been stable for a while, now lets start improving it.

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Hotlinking of Unlisted Scripts Disabled

Published Jan 27, 2008

Disabling hotlinking for unlisted scripts means they cannot be used in bookmarklets.

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Script Reviews

Published Jan 23, 2008

The last straw happened this evening. Reviews are coming this weekend! Help plan them here.

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Communities Idea

Published Dec 29, 2007

Communities are what happens when tags grow up ;) Here is the current idea and some questions.

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Vague Scripts

Published Dec 25, 2007

I've added the required code to the database, search engine, and user interface to support hiding of scripts, 1632 scripts so far. Also, you can flag a script as vague...

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"Scrap All" Defense Plan

Published Dec 23, 2007

Now that the site has been upgraded to the current version of rails, I can move forward with making it so the "Scrap all" plague doesn't kill the site. This involves: 1) adding non-public flags to scripts so they don't get shown in public areas 2) adding a "group/community" feature

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Flagging spam / bad scripts

Published Nov 28, 2007 has long needed a way to mark content (scripts/comments/...) as spam/malware/... Today the feature has been deployed!

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Superior Searching

Published Oct 20, 2007

Searching for userscripts used to be slow and only search the descriptions. Now searching uses SOLR and searches names, summary, descriptions and source.

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Happy Mongrels

Published Oct 19, 2007

Scaling has been a fun journey. Thanks to monit, it has become a much easier journey.

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Server Upgrades

Published Jul 3, 2007

There have been a few hiccups in the last week as it has been moved to a new server, new http server, feeds have been deployed and a power outage.

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